Why CarCzar?

CarCzar Auto understands that you have many choices for selling your car. Here are some reasons to use our services:

You are uncomfortable advertising and selling your car on your own.

  • CarCzar will eliminate the hassles and take care of all the details.

You have been trying to sell your car but are getting low-ball offers that are not serious.

  • CarCzar will get a deal that works for you.

You are ready to trade your car in but the dealer wants to “steal your trade”, the common industry term for taking advantage of owners.

  • CarCzar can almost always beat the dealer appraisal and written offer.

You are returning a leased car within 6 months of the maturity date.

  • CarCzar can usually buy your car for as much or more than the “buyout amount”, saving you lease termination fees and put the money in your pocket, not the franchise dealers.

You have a written offer from CARMAX.

  • If you have a Carmax offer, please call or text us as we can usually beat it.

Give us a call or text us today at 858.382.1661 or fill out our web form and we will contact you.