Our Team

We are a happy team of people that truly love our jobs and serving our customers


The Car Czar

Gavin is San Diego’s “CarCzar”. Gavin is an experienced automotive veteran serving Southern California customers for over 15 years. See About Us Section for more information.


Customer Service

Chris is Gavin’s “right hand person.” Chris will talk to you on the phone or email initially and set you up to talk to Gavin. She is also available to schedule appointments and customer services issues.


Customer Service

Leo will talk to you on the phone or email and set up a time to talk to Gavin. Leo can also help you with appointments and general office issues.


Tow Professional

Larry is the owner of Larry Tow 4 You and has been working with CarCzar since 2008. Larry is an experienced tow professional and will pick up your vehicle and bring it to its new home.

*We can beat CarMax providing CarCzar agrees with Car Max's written interior and exterior condition report of your vehicle!